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The Three Most Common Career Change Myths

‘I’ve always been envious of people who seem know exactly what career they want to do and go out there and make it happen’ Fiona said to me in a coaching session. Whilst it’s true that some people are naturally drawn to a certain path from a

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Stuck in ‘Analysis Paralysis’? Three ways to make confident career decisions

‘I really want to find the right career path for me but I just can’t decide what to do. I come up with lots of ideas but then keep thinking of all the reasons why not to do them; the impact on my family – what if

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The real reason we fear we are not good enough

My heart was pounding as I pressed ‘send’ on the email. My thoughts were racing: ‘What if I come across as impertinent? Who am I to think that I can really do this? Will I really be taken seriously?’ or worse ‘What if I am taken seriously

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Challenged by returning to work after a maternity career break? Try this.

‘I don’t think I’ve got any skills to offer, I’m frightened I’m not up to doing what I did before I had my family’ Sarah said to me in a consultation. Prior to having her family Sarah had been a marketing manager used to working at a

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Don’t want to be labelled as “just a mum”? Here’s a refreshing alternative

‘What do you do with your day then?’ Rachel was once asked by an ex-colleague, a fellow mum who had made a different choice to return to work after having her children. Rachel felt intimidated and belittled by this question, the unsaid assumption being ‘not a lot’.

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Career coaching for mums: Indulgence or Investment?

‘How do I convince my husband that coaching with you isn’t just an indulgence?’ Sarah said to me during a coaching consultation. If, like Sarah, you’ve taken a career break for a number of years whilst raising your family and are not contributing to the household bills,

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Family not supporting your career dreams? Try this.

‘I haven’t changed, I’ve just woken up to the fact that I can do more’ Naomi confided to me in a coaching consultation. ‘The trouble is my husband and family are really unhappy about me looking for a new career direction, but if I stay tied to

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Banish the Guilt – How mums who work benefit the whole family

‘I feel so guilty; I feel I’m being selfish putting my career needs first’ Sandra confided to me in a coaching consultation.  As mums, whether we’re working or contemplating returning to work, guilt seems to come as part of the territory. This guilt comes in many guises:

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The Holy Grail for working mums: Four ways to find more time

‘I’d be really interested in having some coaching with you – I just need to find some time!’. This is a phrase I often hear. Finding the time, or, more accurately, making time for ourselves, seems to be the Holy Grail for us working mums. In my

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From overwhelmed to balanced: how a working mum reclaimed her mojo

‘I’ve just had an epiphany’, one of my fellow mums in business said to me, ‘after doing your whole life exercise I’ve realised that I don’t do anything for me anymore, everything I do is focused on meeting others’ needs. It’s time I changed that’. I had just

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