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Are you stuck on the Mummy track?

‘You’re here to do this job’ I was once told in an appraisal when I’d raised suggestions as to how I could develop and grow within the role. I don’t know about you but I smarted on being told this. It felt like being told ‘get in

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Labour Pains – Giving birth to my business ‘baby’

In many ways I have likened developing my coaching business to having a baby; it has been a slow labour of love from conceiving my initial idea; slowly forming and taking shape; giving it ‘birth’ by launching my first website, taking my first tentative steps to reach

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You used to enjoy your career but lately you have found yourself feeling increasingly frustrated and disillusioned with your work.

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There’s More In Me

‘There’s More in me’ is a phrase I frequently say to myself as I go through my ‘day job’ in response to the frustration I feel of having outgrown the role. I find it strangely comforting to connect to this. I’m in transition from one role to

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You realise there’s more in you, more potential, you want to explore your deeper skills, follow your passions and make a difference.

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You are aware that time is ticking – life is not a rehearsal and you are anxious not to miss the boat

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Reclaiming ME from motherhood – How coaching helped me change career

I am a mum to two young boisterous boys (7 & 4) and am very familiar with the challenges of reclaiming myself from motherhood and changing career direction. In this article I will share some of my own journey as a parent and the role coaching had

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The coaching was very empowering and I feel like I am back in the driving seat of my life!

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contact box

For a FREE consultation, a chance to experience one to one coaching without obligation, contact me now on 01580 752497. If you are outside the UK, call +44 1580 752497 alternatively email me

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