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Hilary is a warm, engaging speaker who knows how to move and inspire an audience. She has a great depth of knowledge and communicates her expertise with ease. She has the ability to connect and resonate on a deep level with an audience leaving them inspired, motivated and wanting to learn more.

Hilary gives talks on:

  • Mindset for Success – Release any limiting stories that get in the way and build a confident mindset to succeed in career, business and life.
  • Resilience – Stay resourceful, healthy and positive in the face of life’s many challenges and obstacles
  • Mind the Gap – Move forward with Confidence after a Career Break – Reconnect with strengths and skills and overcome fears to take steps to return to work
  • The Power of Intention – Harness and direct your creative energies to set thrilling goals that inspire you to achieve.
  • Mental Health at Work – Recognise signs and symptoms of common mental health issues and how best to support people experiencing these conditions.

To book Hilary for your next event: email – hilary@essence-coaching.com

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