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about me

Hi, I’m Hilary Lees, Executive and Career Coach


I want to see talented women, just like you, recognising and fully owning the value that you bring and standing in your authentic power to create the career and life that you want. I want to see you advance your career, develop your leadership and fulfil your potential to make a difference to the world.

I firmly believe that we need to cultivate and express all parts of our true essence in the workplace. Our feminine leadership; our compassion, inclusiveness, flexibility and ability to see the bigger picture is needed in the world now more than ever.

So I can’t bear to see our talents go to waste.

But in order to have the career breakthroughs you desire you need to step outside of your comfort zone. And that can be scary and daunting, as you might have already found out.

I totally understand, because I have been there.

You need some support, encouragement and guidance to break through the fears, doubts, frustration and overwhelm that keep you from the success and fulfilment you desire, and deprive the world of your gifts.

Which means you are in the perfect place; I can guide you because I have lived this transformation myself.


I know just how frustrating it is to find yourself stuck in a role where your real talents are being underutilised or overlooked. I am a Mum to two young boys and it was after having my kids that I found myself stuck at my own career crossroads.

Prior to having my children I’d spent ten years building a career as an Occupational Therapist in a variety of mental health services in London and had worked my way up to a strategic, leadership role. But, when my husband and I decided to move to Kent to start a family, I’d had to take a demotion.

I came to my new role in Kent full of ideas and experience that I thought would be useful but steadily these hopes were dashed by the crushing reality of my ‘day job’. I’m someone who has to grow and develop – a love of learning is a core value of mine – so to be kept locked in this role felt like I was being reduced somehow.

Then I had my two sons and, for a while, being on ’autopilot’ was a blessing as I learnt to adapt to being a mum. However, over time, my old familiar feeling of being bored, stuck and stymied returned. I felt deskilled, devalued, demoralised and was losing confidence in my abilities. I found myself on the ‘Mummy Track’ – where mums take a job after having their children that is beneath their capabilities and over time end up stuck there.

I was working hard to ‘prove my worth’ to my employer, feeling more and more frustrated, hoping they would recognise my knowledge, skills and talents. I knew there was so much more to me than the label and role I found myself pigeonholed in and resented the fact that this wasn’t being recognised.


Things came to a head during another disappointing appraisal when I suddenly realised that, instead of staying a victim of circumstance and passively waiting for recognition and career opportunities to come my way, I needed to take back control and take responsibility for my own career development.

So I became proactive in creating new opportunities for myself; I trained to become a Professional Coach and I began to dream of becoming self- employed, to be able to work on my own terms and fit my work around my family.

I wanted to help other women break out of the roles they found themselves in, free themselves of limiting labels, so they could use their talents to make a bigger difference, but in order to do this I had to walk my talk first.

You see despite resisting the role I had been reduced to I felt stuck inside my own label, I thought to myself: ‘I’m just a health professional, what do I know about being in business, who do I think I am?’. I struggled with self-doubt and fears like ‘Can I really make this work?’; ‘Am I good enough?’ and the mother of them all ‘It’s only going to be a matter of time before I’m found out as a fraud’.

Imposter Gremlin had me held firmly in its grip.


But fortunately I also recognised deep down that this wasn’t the whole story. So I employed a Coach and over time I learnt to recognise and own my true gifts; I connected with my core values and my deeper purpose, and I discovered a determination and inner resolve to make my business work in order to fulfil my own potential and make a bigger difference.

I took small, steady steps over a five year period (whilst working part time in a Psychological Therapies Service) and with each step I took I gradually overcame these fears and doubts and grew in confidence to finally take the leap to leave my former twenty year career behind and devote myself full time to my business and my mission.

And now I’m here to share my learning with you. I’m here to help you transform your mindset so you too can take steps to successfully move forward in your career and, more importantly, make a real difference with your talents.


If you are feeling stuck or frustrated; if you have a sense that you are playing it small and yearn to find more purpose and full self-expression in your work, I would love to hear from you. I have a map and can give you the tools and techniques to help you negotiate this journey.


Contact me here to arrange a free, no obligation, Clarity and Confidence Consultation so we can find out more about each other. I’ll also help you to get clear on where you are now, what obstacles are in your path, where you want to be and what steps to take to move forward.


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I live in West Kent with my husband of twelve years and our two boys.

When not working I like to switch off by regularly meditating, doing pilates and Kettlercise classes, journaling, catching up with friends, seeing live music and watching comedy.

I also love learning new things (I’m a real book junkie and love reading things that inspire me – usually to do with leadership, wellbeing and personal development) and spending time with friends and family on the same path. Most of all I’m really enjoying the fulfilment and balance I now have in my life, and helping other women to create the same.


Hilary Lees is a Career and Leadership Coach, Public Speaker, Trainer and Facilitator who is passionate about helping busy, professional women to explore what it means to bring their authentic gifts to the world and the workplace. She transforms their mindsets and enables them to confidently advance their careers, develop their full leadership potential and make a difference to the world with their true talents.


  • Certified Professional Co-active Coach (CPCC)
  • ICF Associate Certified Coach (ACC)
  • Licensed Firework Career Coach
  • And over 20 years’ experience of helping people live more fulfilling, meaningful lives


For a free 45 minute Confidence and Clarity Session by phone or Skype to find out where you might be blocked and find a way forward contact me here now.