{what people say}


“As a Coach Hilary is open, encouraging and she hears all the things you are not actually saying out loud. Her gentle manner guided me to find the answers that I already had but couldn’t see. What I valued about the coaching was the chance to really get to the core of who I am and what makes me happy so that I can better understand the path I need to take. The structure of the coaching flows so well and leads you at your own pace.

When I started the coaching I was stuck in a job that brought me no fulfilment or happiness, only stress. I had fallen into it and had never allowed myself the time to consider what career may actually make me happy. I felt very lost and totally unsure of what I should be doing and I was so worried about making the wrong move that it was holding me back from actually moving at all.

At the end of the programme I have already made the change into the work I love. Not only that but I can see the path ahead with complete clarity and reality. Hilary made the unachievable become totally achievable. The impact of the coaching was life changing for me. I am a different person now – a 100% better version of myself! Thank you so much Hilary.”

HG – Interior Designer, Painter and Decorator

“Hilary has been perceptive, understanding and offered endless encouragement throughout our coaching process. What I valued most about our sessions was the enthusiasm, structure and flexibility that they were delivered with.

When I started the coaching I was lost, lacking confidence with no sense of direction – by the end I had found a path that suits me and enables me to focus on what makes me happy. I am also armed with the support mechanism of techniques and exercises to assist me in my continuing journey through any difficult moments.

The impact of the coaching was dynamic, enlightening and more than anything empowering. Hilary really has a special gift to be able to connect in a way that made me realise that I already have the tools to move forward, they just needed to be identified and activated…with maybe a tweak or two along the way. Thank you for helping me get back on track Hilary.”

MR – Cardiac Physiologist

“From the moment I started working with Hilary, I found her to be insightful and responsive. She tuned straight into my needs and goals and throughout the programme found the most appropriate next step for me, adapting her exercises and techniques so that I would get the most from every session. Hilary’s approach is thoughtful, kind and infinitely encouraging, but she will challenge you too. Her questions certainly triggered some soul searching – and there have been many discoveries and revelations along the way.

The programme has opened up the time and space for me to assess my past work and to reconnect with my own values, motivations, skills and aspirations. This has helped me piece the different aspects of my life and work together into a coherent picture, out of which a new way forward has naturally emerged.

I am so excited to be embarking on a new chapter, which builds on my previous experience, while at the same time taking me off in a new direction which feels so much more authentic. Hilary’s coaching has given me back the clarity and focus – and sense of purpose – I had lost, as well as the confidence of knowing that I am on the right track. I would urge anyone finding themselves stuck in a career ‘box’ they just don’t fit anymore to take the plunge and do this for yourself. It goes without saying that I don’t think you’ll regret it.”

RW – Freelance journalist and copywriter

“Coaching with Hilary really opens your mind to what is possible; it gave me the headspace to be creative in my thinking around my career progression and helped me connect with my true values and aspirations. As a result I developed a very clear vision of where I wanted to go and the steps to get to it then became clear and quite effortless.

The obstacles that were in my mind suddenly weren’t so big. With every session I felt more confident, encouraged and optimistic about my future direction. I have now got my dream role in a project that is in absolute alignment with my values and vision and am absolutely delighted at this outcome.”

RH – Recovery College Lead

“When I started the coaching I was experiencing a lot of stress and feeling lost in my career. I had had a very demanding and difficult time at work but the coaching enabled me to put things in perspective and gave me time out to reflect, recharge my batteries and focus on what I bring to my leadership role instead of focusing on the negatives.

As a result I have regained energy and belief that I am capable of doing my role and more, I now have a very clear direction for my future career and life and am ready to take on new opportunities both inside and outside of work. I am developing my profile to let appropriate people know I am out there to experience new things. I know I have moved on hugely through coaching with Hilary, it was a very powerful fantastic experience.”

MG – Senior Manager

“I was feeling overwhelmed and anxious having recently been promoted to lead a new service at work. I had knowledge of leadership through a training course so felt I should be able to perform to the expected standard but that put lots of pressure on me to perform and deliver. Gremlins of doubt came out in full force and I wasn’t able to put all that valuable learning into practice.

The coaching gave me confidence in my own ability and time and space to reflect on how to do leadership in my own style. I now feel calmer and happier to go into situations that before I wouldn’t have handled as well and now know I can effectively lead the team without having to know all the answers. I realise I am more capable than I gave myself credit for and am ready to really develop the service and the role with the confidence that I have the potential to do great things.

As a Coach I found Hilary was calm in her presence and she guided me in a subtle but powerful way. I felt comfortable to be myself and also felt really validated and acknowledged and that we were in it together. I was sometimes surprised that Hilary ‘got’ me and understood me so well. It felt like I was on a journey of discovery and that Hilary was my guide. I really valued this programme.”

GM – Street Triage Service Manager

“Hilary is great at getting you to see past all distractions – real and imagined – and to focus on the end goal. She gave me confidence to just go for it and challenged me in a safe, confidential environment.

It was a really useful and illuminating programme. I would recommend working with Hilary to anyone either wondering what sort of job to do next or who are looking for a fresh start/ perspective.”

AP – Finance Director

“Coaching with Hilary has given me a totally new direction and brought to light skills, qualities and characteristics within myself which are a true reflection of me. I am now beginning a whole new career path which feels genuine and authentic and much more rewarding than my previous career.

I would absolutely without hesitation recommend working with Hilary to anyone who is uncertain about their current career choice and needs to find out about their ‘true’ self. Hilary is very friendly and easy to work with, her approach to my ‘problem’ was fun and I found the whole process extremely valuable. I got exactly what I wanted from having this coaching.”

HM – Self Employed Mum

“Coaching with Hilary allowed me to take a step back from the rush of actually ‘doing’ and take time to think through and analyse what I want in my career, what I am good at and how to create a new path that marries the two. This has made me calmer, more in control and more confident in my work life and probably as a result the rest of my life. I have a better understanding of who I am, what I have achieved and what I still want to achieve. I now have a clear path to follow and feel optimistic that I am working towards this future goal.

I would recommend working with Hilary to any mums who feel they are lacking a bit of direction or focus in their careers. Taking the time to take stock and reflect is hugely beneficial. Like me many working mums will have seen huge changes in their home and working lives with the arrival of children and reassessing what you want and how to achieve a balance is worth spending some time on.”

AW – Consultant

“I have really enjoyed and valued working with Hilary. I am somewhat at a crossroads with my career and felt I needed to make a change, but wasn’t exactly sure what that would look like or how I would achieve it. Hilary has helped me, in a short space of time, to focus and be clear and confident about my next steps. Her approach is both supportive and challenging, really playing the role of ‘critical friend’ and helping me explore, discover and unlock my self confidence, self belief and my future direction. Her coaching really has been such a catalyst for me.

I definitely recommend Hilary’s coaching approach as she is very highly skilled at introducing various tools, techniques and asking very insightful questions which in my case have made a real difference to my perspective. In addition to all of this, I felt right from the start that Hilary was ‘on my side’, and I always looked forward to the sessions, knowing that they would be full, constructive and enjoyable.”

PL – Human Resources Manager

“The coaching was very empowering and I feel like I am back in the driving seat of my life! With every session my confidence to change things grew – Hilary was so focused that my digressions didn’t matter anymore.

My career had been floundering. I was creatively stuck in a rut, constantly worried about doing the right thing. Hilary soon became the voice in my head of focus, self discipline and achievement! Through coaching with Hilary I found the confidence to redefine myself as an artiste and the results have been amazing. My success is still growing, bookings have more than doubled and with so much positive feedback and extra work I feel the sky is the limit. Thanks Hilary, I will be continuing coaching indefinitely.”

JK – Self employed Singer and Pianist

“Many thanks for all your time and support enabling me to make so many breakthroughs. You had a genuine interest in me and my aspirations. Whenever I encountered a barrier to my progress you would give me encouragement and prompt me to explore my own resources to effect positive change. This has really boosted my self esteem and confidence. You demonstrated a commitment to me throughout our sessions and I felt truly valued by you. You are a fantastic coach and have chosen well to work in this field. I would highly recommend Hilary if you are considering career or wellbeing coaching.”

DD – Social Worker

“Having Hilary to facilitate my thoughts about my personal life and how that fits with my future work path has given me direction and motivation to move things forward, steps which I may not have taken without the guidance and gentle perseverance from Hilary. Friends and family are always keen to talk about their own experiences, helpfully pointing out positives and negatives of alternative career options. The formal coaching helped me to realise that, whilst listening to their opinions, my future choices would become ‘my unique experience’ and would probably develop in a completely different way from their own.

I had become comfortable in my working role, apprehensive and unsure about trying something new at this stage in my life. I was feeling ‘stuck and stagnant’. Coaching has enabled me to discover aspects about myself which now seem obvious but were a revelation to me at the time. Hilary has given me the encouragement I needed to try something completely different. I have started the transition away from my comfort zone, which I now realise was more convenient than comfortable, and I am thoroughly enjoying the new challenge so far.”

JA – Trainee Teaching Assistant

“Hilary really got to the core of who I am and how I tick, this helped me to look at options I had and to draw on strength I did not know I had. This process was very powerful and has changed my life.

I would highly recommend this service to anybody. It has been an amazing, positive and life changing experience.”

KB – Care Manager

“Absolutely fantastic. Hilary is inspiring, motivating, insightful, intuitive and clearly very experienced and knowledgeable. I have no hesitation in recommending her. She has certainly helped me to see my potential and to use it. Thank you.”

RW – CBT Therapist

“Through working with Hilary I was able to let go of the issues holding me back and have worked towards clear deadlines and goals for my new business. I have found a calmer more efficient me as I have stopped worrying about things I can’t change and concentrated on what I can do instead. Hilary is professional, friendly and has a unique way of helping you find the answers you knew all along, but just never said out loud. Thanks so much.”

ET- Freelance Journalist

“Hilary really helped me out of a difficult spot. I’d suffered a setback at work and I was lacking in self-confidence. Hilary helped me to step back from the situation and with her guidance I was reminded of my abilities and the reasons why I went into nursing in the first place. I’d not really been asked to think what my personal values were before talking to Hilary. Afterwards I was able to go back to work with a clearer sense of my purpose there – our work together really made a difference.”

PR – Staff Nurse