Purpose in Work is More Than Just a ‘Nice to Have’.

Helen found herself dreading going to work each day. She was working in a fast paced industry in a role she ‘fell into’ after University. While she was good at her job; meeting client deadlines and satisfying their demands, the role was all consuming – encroaching on her time with her family – and brought her no fulfilment or happiness, only stress.

She came to coaching with one goal in mind – she was ready to find work that was a better reflection of who she was; to finally find her ‘thing’ where she could make a difference and help people. She was looking for her authentic purpose.

What price meaningful work?

Purpose in a role might sound like a ‘nice to have’ but actually is something we  innately need for our wellbeing. Social scientists now cite disconnection from meaningful work as one of the social and psychological causes of depression and anxiety.

As Johann Hari describes in his book Lost Connections: ‘The worst stress for people is having to endure work that is soul – destroying, where they die a little when they come to work each day, because their work touches no part of them that is them’.

So what are the conditions that enable us to thrive at work instead of just survive?

Purposeful Work

To be fulfilled and find purpose in our work we need three factors:

  1. IMPACT – to feel our work makes an impact – whether for our clients, peers, company or society as a whole
  2. GROWTH – to have personal and professional growth, be challenged and try new things
  3. RELATIONSHIPS – to connect with others and have real, authentic relationships.

When these three areas are combined they lead to fulfilment both within and outside of our work. If we lose focus on one of these three sources of purpose in favour of money or status and a fancy job title – we may feel temporarily happy or engaged but we will lack the deeper level of fulfilment.

So if, like Helen, you find yourself stuck in a well-paid but ultimately soul-destroying job, how can you breakthrough this disconnect to find a more meaningful, satisfying role?

Change Is An Inside Job

If you truly want to find soul-affirming work before you can make any changes to your external world you need to take some time to have a good look within yourself to find your true purpose in your work and life.

Coaching provides space and time to reconnect to your Self, explore your values, strengths, skills, motivators and passions and create a vision for what you need in your life and work to be fulfilled and happy. It worked for me when I was stuck in soul-destroying career cul-de-sac yearning to make a bigger difference (you can read my story here) but don’t just take my word for it, here’s what Helen had to say:

“Before working with you I felt very lost and totally unsure of what I should be doing and I was so worried about making the wrong move that it was holding me back from moving at all. What I valued about the coaching was the chance to really get to the core of who I am and what makes me happy so I can better understand the path I need to take. It really helped me work through various potential options and understand why what I thought might be right for me didn’t feel right in practice. By fully understanding my core values I was able to see my true path with clarity and have now made the change into work I love. It made the unachievable become totally achievable and the impact was truly life changing for me”.

Over to You

How does your work fare when it comes to purpose? And what is it costing you if you are not meeting this need? I would love to hear from you.

Ready to find your true purpose in work?

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