Six Signs That It Is Time to Leave Your Job

I can still vividly remember that familiar, sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach as I drove into work after the Christmas break. I dreamt of being in a role where I would have more freedom to express my full skills and abilities, and flexibility over how I used my time. As I reflected on my then role the feeling of being stuck grew heavier and my mood grew despondent.

I know I was not alone in feeling this way. Dissatisfaction and disillusionment with our careers and lives seems to peak at this time of year matching the cold, grey, gloomy, January weather. In fact today – the third Monday in January – is now known as Blue Monday – the day where allegedly we feel most depressed with our lot. Little wonder then that resignations from jobs peak annually on 31st January.

So how do you recognise that you are reaching a point of no return in your job?

From both my personal experience of transitioning into a role and lifestyle I love, and my professional experience coaching other women through their career transitions, I have noticed the following six signs that it’s time to move on from your current role:

  1. You have outgrown the role.

You have evolved and grown but your work role hasn’t so what used to be a fit for you no longer satisfies you. It is as stressful feeling under-utilised, bored and dissatisfied and ‘keeping up appearances’ as it is to be overstretched in a role. Not to mention demoralising watching the clock dying for the day to be done.

  1. Lack of recognition

You are struggling to work with a line manager or within an organisational culture that does not recognise, appreciate or value your contribution. You are yearning to be seen, heard and appreciated in order to bring your best to your work. Left over time this lack of recognition can stifle your creativity and undermine your confidence in your abilities.

  1. The culture doesn’t match your values

The people who are most satisfied with their careers and lives are those who have found a role that closely matches their core values. So if, for example, you place a high importance on honesty and integrity, but you find yourself working in an environment alongside people who clearly don’t share or demonstrate these values, this incongruence can lead to much internal conflict and unhappiness.

  1. Toxic relationship with manager or colleagues

Working for an overbearing boss – or alongside negative, critical colleagues – day to day can severely undermine your self-esteem. The interpersonal stress caused by these toxic relationships can be highly destructive over time and can make having the confidence to find a new role difficult.

  1. You feel overlooked for promotion

You are frustrated and angry that you have been held back at work and passed over for promotion, and other development opportunities, whilst others less capable than you have been given these opportunities. This leaves you feeling deskilled, devalued and disengaged and you have lost faith in your organisation.

  1. Your life priorities have changed

As your circumstances change your career goals can shift – you may now want more flexibility or be ready for a more challenging role. You may want to make more of a difference and find a role with more meaning. Staying stuck in a role and treading water instead of taking steps to move your career forward will leave you feeling increasingly frustrated and disheartened.

Whatever your circumstances may be, in my experience the biggest barriers to being able to make a change are a lack of confidence or a lack of clarity as to what direction to take next. Yet, ironically, both clarity and confidence are further eroded by the stress of staying stuck exactly where you are now.

It can be a vicious cycle – until you decide to do something about it.

Over to You

If this sounds like you I’d love to hear from you – and I want you to take heart – there is a way forward. I have successfully navigated this path and have helped many other women to do the same.

Ready to take the first step?

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