Three Steps to Make a Powerful Start to 2017

I’m conscious as I write this post, and as we prepare to welcome in the New Year, of my need for stillness, rest and reflection following a busy year and the frantic build up to the Christmas festivities.

At this time of year our thoughts turn to goals or resolutions. As a Coach, whilst I work with clients’ goals, I recognise that what helps them achieve these is consciously choosing to focus and direct their energies, and then taking subsequent actions towards their desired outcome.

It all starts with the energy of creation and choice. So, as busy women whilst our energy to do more can feel like it has bottomed out at this time of year, right now is the perfect time to nurture and replenish ourselves by taking some time to rest, reflect, and rebuild our reserves before getting into purposeful action again.

What a difference a year can make

They say ‘The only constant in life is change’; and as I take time to reflect on my own year 2016 certainly brought with it some BIG personal changes, challenges and opportunities. I realise now these changes acted as significant catalysts in breaking down my old, outdated ways of being, thinking and living and forced me to re-evaluate what it is that I want and who I want to be in my life.

In December last year I remember dreading the coming year as I knew that I would be returning to work to receive my redundancy notice with the accompanying threat of redeployment and many weeks of uncertainty hanging over my head as to where my future lay.

After twelve stressful weeks of being in limbo my incredulity at my employers’ inability to recognise talent strengthened my resolve to take fate into my own hands; I made the decision to follow my heart and took a leap of faith- leaving behind my twenty year career – to embrace my passion to build my business and make a bigger difference to other women by becoming fully self employed.

This path has not been without its professional challenges as I wrote about here and the year has also brought challenges in my personal life too; including saying good bye to my beloved Great Aunt ‘Queenie’ Doris who died aged 100 in September followed soon after by my father’s cancer diagnosis and subsequent treatment.

The Power to Choose How to Respond

doris-photo-1943-44From my reflections I recognise that all these personal and professional challenges this past year have served a purpose; the stress of the redundancy made me really value myself and recognise that even though I could not control the outcome that my former employer envisaged for me, I could choose to create my own path and know that I have the power to continue to create my own future.

My Great Aunt was a real inspiration in my life as to the power of women to achieve what they want in life, she had a career in the forties and fifties in a male dominated industry at a time when women were expected to be housewives and not much else, and her legacy lives on in my work releasing other women’s potential to step into their power and choose their path.

And my father’s diagnosis has brought us closer together as a family, and helped us recognise and savour the time we spend together, so although I would never have chosen for him to have this illness I accept that it is here for a reason and appreciate the gift of time we have left together.

Lovingly Release the Old to Powerfully Invite the New

In order to help focus and direct your energies to make a powerful start to your year ahead the following steps may help:

  • Firstly slow down and make time for yourself and your own wellbeing. Honour what you are feeling each day and trust it, acting accordingly. If you haven’t got the energy to go to that party or make that shopping trip, give yourself permission to say no.
  • Take time to consciously reflect. Ask yourself what it is you feel you’re ready to lovingly release from the past year and write it down. Acknowledge that each aspect has served a purpose, even if you don’t exactly understand what that purpose was, and be grateful for it.
  • Take time to get powerfully clear on what it is you would like to begin and create in 2017. What do you want to see, experience, do, be and have in 2017? And in the years beyond? Think bigger. Write it all down. You are setting the foundation and tone for what is to follow.

Over to you?

What are you lovingly releasing from the past year? What are you dreaming of achieving and creating in 2017? I’d love to hear from you.

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