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Career coaching for mums: Indulgence or Investment?

‘How do I convince my husband that coaching with you isn’t just an indulgence?’ Sarah said to me during a coaching consultation. If, like Sarah, you’ve taken a career break for a number of years whilst raising your family and are not contributing to the household bills,

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Family not supporting your career dreams? Try this.

‘I haven’t changed, I’ve just woken up to the fact that I can do more’ Naomi confided to me in a coaching consultation. ‘The trouble is my husband and family are really unhappy about me looking for a new career direction, but if I stay tied to

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Banish the Guilt – How mums who work benefit the whole family

‘I feel so guilty; I feel I’m being selfish putting my career needs first’ Sandra confided to me in a coaching consultation.  As mums, whether we’re working or contemplating returning to work, guilt seems to come as part of the territory. This guilt comes in many guises:

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The Holy Grail for working mums: Four ways to find more time

‘I’d be really interested in having some coaching with you – I just need to find some time!’. This is a phrase I often hear. Finding the time, or, more accurately, making time for ourselves, seems to be the Holy Grail for us working mums. In my

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From overwhelmed to balanced: how a working mum reclaimed her mojo

‘I’ve just had an epiphany’, one of my fellow mums in business said to me, ‘after doing your whole life exercise I’ve realised that I don’t do anything for me anymore, everything I do is focused on meeting others’ needs. It’s time I changed that’. I had just

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Having children makes you less career ambitious: True or False?

When Jane, a former corporate high flyer, came for her first career coaching session, we explored how overlooked and invisible she felt in her role since having her children. ‘Just because I’m now a Mum my bosses’ assume I’m no longer ambitious in my role so the

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Square peg in a round hole and suffering? Here’s how to change career direction.

‘I could have done with your career coaching when I was younger’ my father in law confided to me one day. A retired management accountant, my father in law had been ‘encouraged’ by his father to follow in his career footsteps. Yet his dream and passion had

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Why motherhood is NOT ‘The Most Important Job in the World’

‘I’m fine when I’m at work Monday to Wednesday, but I dread the thought of spending time with my kids on Thursdays and Fridays. I feel so guilty – I’m not like all the other mums who seem to love being a mum’ said Tara to me

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Gremlins sabotaging your progress? Here’s how to deal with them.

There it was in my inbox, the invitation to deliver a talk around setting goals to my local Mums in Business group to kick start the New Year. A great opportunity to share my expertise and show case my work! So why was my first reaction on reading

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Three ways to stay inspired by your New Year goals

How often do we set New Year’s resolutions, be it to quit smoking or escape a soul sucking job, only to find a few weeks down the line that we are right back where we started from? So what sets apart a resolution that fails within the

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