{knowledge is power}


I will be running quarterly workshops to help access your inner creativity and resourcefulness, learn from others’ experiences and transform your confidence so you can actively take steps to move your career forward.

Refind the Spark

This workshop is for you if you have taken a career break and are contemplating a return to work.

The workshop will help you:

  • Reconnect with previous skills and talents
  • Identify new strengths and resources
  • Explore values; work motivators and clarify priorities
  • Overcome guilt and the gremlins of doubt and fear
  • Gain clarity; inspiration and direction re next career steps.

The workshop will be followed by a one to one coaching session to consolidate your learning and empower you to get into action to move your career forward.

Master Your Mindset

The mental game is 90% of any success story; what you think creates how you feel and is ultimately at the root of any results you achieve in your career and life.

This workshop will equip you with practical tools, techniques and strategies to help build a positive psychological mindset, so you can stay energised, resilient and focused in the face of any career and life challenges.

The workshop will help you:

  • Understand what happens to the brain and body under pressure
  • Learn how to train your brain to respond to challenges positively
  • Practice the ten critical mindset factors to build strength and energy
  • Develop daily habits and a powerful routine to cultivate optimism and resilience.